Safety Solutions


Safety performance and safety solutions has become a vital part of the FINAN FORMWORKS offering and indeed our product range. The construction sector continues to evolve and places ever increasing demands and responsibilities on all stakeholders, particularly where safety performance is concerned. As a result of that ongoing trend FINAN FORMWORKS team have developed a core of experience and knowledge, associated with our specialist products around safety solutions. We see an absolute crossover with formwork and scaffolding products & services, in parallel with our safety solutions.

As well as having our own solutions we work with our partners TSS Safety Solutions, based in Dubai UAE . This provides us with the capability to deliver the best in class safety products, designed and produced to the best International standards. TSS are market leaders in work at heights and fall prevention safety systems.

Jointly we have the capability to provide a unique offering of sale and contract erection, for Fall Prevention Systems to include, temporary edge protection in the Meshguard Barrier, also Safety Netting & Safety Fans. We provide numerous other safety solutions in the form of freestanding leading edge barriers, shaftgate etc. The alliance allows us the opportunity to jointly provide customers with Innovative formwork solutions that are coupled with the capabilities of a leading Safety Solutions provider.

Screen Protection & Access Systems (TRI – SPAS)

Screen Protection & Access Systems (TRI – SPAS) or what the construction market generally calls "Safety Screen" have become more commonplace across the construction Industry. Over the years we have taken a keen interest in this area of development and have had the opportunity to launch a robust lightweight screen solution, that demonstrates a number of Innovative advantages.

Having taken on that challenge, we started to realize that clients/contractors need more flexibility in this area, which resulted in the research and development on TRI – SPAS. The name simply means 3 options and configurations of the Safety Protection & Access System using the same component parts, although in different configurations, to suit the technical and commercial requirement.

One major Innovation in this area was the use of high tensile Industrial fabric sheeting as the protection skin for the screen, which was extremely light if you compare to any steel sheeting and or plywood, however it proved to be more than a match for the task. A further major advantage was its ability to be almost transparent from inside out,yet from outside it was completely opaque.

With the development in TRI – SPAS FINAN FORMWORKS believe we can add value to our clients projects, where we can provide the 3 enginnering options. Our Safety Protection & Access Systems, can provide access and protection in the following key areas:

Meshguard Barrier

The Meshguard Barrier is a highly effective edge protection system for all your work at height activities. Temporary Edge Protection Systems are the first line of defence when working at height. The Meshguard System utilizes steel mesh barriers to protect the open edges on concrete, steel and timber structures. With its innovative connection detail, Meshguard delivers speedy assembly with economy and safety in mind.

The use of Systemised Temporary Edge Protection makes a significant contribution to the reduction of falls on site due ease of use and Installation, providing increased safety performance and compliance to EN 13374.

Safety Net Fan

Safety Net Fans are a highly effective safety solution for the protection of the construction working environment, particularly with consideration for high rise buildings. While the Safety Net Fan protects the workforce associated with the project, it also provides protection for the members of the public where buildings may be in close proximity to public spaces

The Safety Net FAN System is manufactured fully compliant with European Standard EN-1263-2 Type T, using 60x 60 and 20 x 20 layered nets, with the capability to arrest a 100 Kg mass, Twice on any part of the system from a 7 m (Approx 2 floors) drop height.

The application of the Safety Net Fan is to arrest the fall of materials or debris from the upper building levels, as well as extending to the protection of workers carrying out higher risk activities at the upper levels. The Safety Net Fan has proven to be the main line of defence when carrying out civil works at the perimeter of the building, e.g formwork / concrete works and blockwork.

Loading Platform

Loading Platforms are a highly effective and internationally recognized technique, for the vertical distribution of multiple types of building materials and components associated with building construction. With ever increasing demands on programme our clients can be assured of a quality designed and manufactured solution.

The finished product achieves the best International standards, with fully engineered specification and test certification. Also our team will provide installation on site certification and training as part of normal product delivery and commissioning.


Shaftgate is an innovative safety solution designed to protect all lift shaft openings in buildings. The solution is designed to be more robust and with factors of control that may not be achievable when using standard scaffold tube barriers, particularly when considering the high risk activity works that very often are ongoing in lift spaces.

The Shaftgate barrier provides an adjustable, physically bolted barrier, lockable that can be managed under a permit system, for any lift shaft opening during the construction phase. With Shaftgate we are primarily addressing a number of key areas of work activity, all of which are high risk in nature.