The Finan Formworks Grid system is combination of the versatile Grid & Grid Plus System. The simpler Grid system is based on the free standing Euro Prop with the H20 main slab beams. The Grid Plus system is based on the 60 kn braced shoring towers again with Steel Waler Primary and H20 slab beams

We engineer the full range and options for the standard steel slab formwork props. Our props are provided with both options for painted or hot dip galvanizing. Our props provide a cost effective solution for our clients, but still deliver on quality and technical requirements.

We also provide the Euro props as the most common cost effective slab forming method for clients with restricted project budgets, however the Euro Prop remains consistently a highly adaptable solution for creating slab supporting systems. It can be assembled with H20 girders or Aluminium formwork beams

The H-L-T 360 high capacity shoring towers are an Ideal solution for heavy structural slab elements, such as slabs with a high floor to ceiling height, transfer slabs, bridge decks as well as multiple heavy infrastructure slabs.

The shoring frames H-L-T 360 are made from high quality tubular steel and by design incorporate the diagonal brace in the design. This design relieves the need for intensive labour and materials such as tube and fittings in order to install the diagonal stability braces.


  • High level access and shoring
  • Upto 80 kn load capacity
  • Integrated bracing frames
  • Access & boarding options
  • Rolling formwork tower option
  • High m3 outputs for erection
  • Complete with safety accessories