At FINAN FORMWORKS we view our ability to provide our customers with the required services, as a function of our knowledge and experience, across the industry, which in turn is communicated to our clients by demonstrating cost effective, practical working solutions.

Our Services are underpinned by an In-depth knowledge, of construction techniques and procedures, combined with the competency to understand materials, plant and labour allocation, across multiple geographical locations.

We have a unique services offering, with the flexibility in products and services that is adaptable to suit your project requirements. We strive to deliver best practice and practical engineering solutions, through the persuit of Innovative engineering.

The following is a brief overview of the Services we offer:

With regard to the combined offering of Services provided, we strive to underpin that offering, internally and operationally for the purposes of enhancing our performance by focusing on the following key areas:


We want to ensure the best in our product development, such that the product can demonstrate, faster and safer working operations. We work with our customers to provide application advantages, such as ease of handling, manhour reduction and enhanced safety performance.


Reliability of equipment is important, but never achieves alone, without the prime importance of providing our client with project support. This starts mainly with training and supervision support, however of further importance is understanding the project cycles & schedules, which should be managed under 3 key resource areas.

  • Knowledge of Systems
  • Project Operations.
  • Project Vision.


Performance assessment for us is working with our client to understand achieving the highest utilization from our equipment to provide the lowest cost. This skill is normally the understanding of the Civil Contractor, in terms of programme planning and resourcing accordingly. In this area we work to share risk and reward with our client by demonstrating an understanding of the project planning requirements in terms of schedule.


Collaboration allows us the opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders who are involved in the civil construction process. We provide across the board consultancy on the capabilities, with pros & cons for the use of multiple forming systems. In this area we particularly focus on the need to innovate and look at the possibilities of other techniques.